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Through a new partnership with Top Level Design and their registrar, Porkbun, APLD is able to offer APLD members discounts on .design domain names.

.design offers an innovative, brandable and meaningful competitive advantage. Unlike .com, .org or .net, the recently added .design is the only top-level domain that explicitly identifies designers. Your web and email addresses can be as unique and creative as your designs. Imagine the power of www.YOURNAME.design.

As an APLD member, you’ll get your first year of domain registration free at APLD.design, and 40% off annual domain renewal as long as you’re an active member of APLD!

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.design is more informative. It describes who we are and what we do, even more so than when we had .com.

- Scott Mizer, Smartshape.design



“DALE Design is true to its Spanish name – encouraging us to go ahead and bring it on!” Says Eli Saar, partner at DALE Design. The company is three partner studio, two industrial designers and an architect. They combine architectural, interior and product design to create novel spaces, installations and products. The team adopted .design after “trying dozens of domain names (not to say weird combinations), a programmer friend from Argentina told us about the .design and it took us less than a min. to approve.”

“For us .design is the best option, using a domain which is our company name tells the whole story.”



Smartshape.design was founded in 1989 and has since grown from a one-man operation into an international industrial design studio. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, the studio is working on electric vehicle charging stations and wearable health technologies. Smart Shape made their switch to .design over a year ago because “It was just a better fit, our name is Smart Shape Design and it (.design) better explains what we do and what we are.”

“One of my colleagues saw that .design coming out and we joined on right away. A couple weeks later we were smartshape.design.”


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